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Employment - defining your solution

Employment: Finding your solution

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Questions answered in this section

  1. What are some things I can do reduce the unemployment rate?

  2. Who can I talk to about employment for young people?

Employment finding your solution

Employment matters to all levels of government because of the implications for social services and the economy when employment rates are low.

Entry level jobs

There are two avenues to help increase jobs: create more jobs, and create better training so that skill sets match the jobs that are available.

  • Get in touch with your MP and tell them that youth unemployment is a priority for you

  • Find your local business chamber (https://www.nswbusinesschamber.com.au/About/Our-Locations/Chamber-Listing) and talk to them about what they are doing to increase jobs for young people in your area

  • Write to your MP and tell them that keeping student fees down is a priority, and that it will impact the way you choose to vote in the next election

Careers advice

Making careers advice more consistent and accessible will enable young people to navigate the world of employment better.

  • Talk to your principal and school leadership about getting access to more careers advice. This could be in the form of a teacher already working at the school, a new appointment, or even connecting students to support outside of school (like universities) to discuss life after school.

  • Write to the Minister for Education or your local MP and tell them that careers advice is important, and will impact how you choose to vote.

Job finding systems are flawed

There are a number of services that are set up to help young people looking for work find jobs. We need to put pressure on the federal government to provide more tailored employment solutions (which means people get jobs that actually work for their skills and capabilities)

  • Find local youth services (some examples could be headspace, mission Australia) and talk to them about how you can help change the avenues for employment

Talk to your Local Council and ask for the Youth Development Officer. Tell them you care about employment and want to see better systems for young people looking for work.