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examples and templates

Examples and templates

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  1. How do I write a letter to a politician?
  2. What's the best way to address a politician on social media?

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Example letter or email

Spend some time writing down your concerns. You can post or email these to your MP, candidates in the election, or other politicians. You will need to adapt each letter to ensure it is tailored to the recipient. Keep it simple, include some facts and experiences, and always ask them to take an action.

[Enter date] Insert name and address of MP

Dear [Remember to check up on how to refer to your member]

Re: Young people and solar power

(Paragraph 1: Introduce yourself and your connection to the electorate, as well as your story) I am an 18 year old and am yet to vote in my first election. I have lived here in ELECTORATE since I was X years old. I went to ELECTORATE Primary School and ELECTORATE High School. My extended family have grown up here and run small businesses. For the past 2 years I have worked on the weekend at my Uncle’s solar company, just down Main Street from your office. Next year I hope to go to university and study Environmental Engineering.

(Paragraph 2: State your issue concisely) I am writing to express my concerns about the current state of renewable energy policy in Australia. In particular, in ELECTORATE every weekend at work I see 22 families struggling with their energy bills and unable to afford to install solar panels. If they could it would be a win-win outcome; cheaper, cleaner energy, a healthier environment and new economic development for ELECTORATE.

(Paragraph 3: Show some facts or research) I am not alone in my concerns. A recent Youth Action survey showed that environment and climate issues were very important to young Australians and would influence their vote. Only a third of young Australians have decided their vote, so you could gain support by listening to our concerns. Many of these people are located in marginal seats. I also ask you to look at the report by Solar Citizens that shows the economic benefits of solar energy.

(Paragraph 4: Share experiences that describe the impact) Families in our area are struggling to pay their bills but they also understand that there is a cleaner, cheaper way of generating energy through solar. I also point you to the local community centre, which has installed solar panels and halved their energy consumption. It is the upfront cost of buying panels which is the barrier to getting affordable and clean energy.

(Paragraph 5: Describe what you want your MP to do) As your party are currently in opposition, and do not have any policies that would enable easier access to solar energy for families, I am asking you to consider this issue and advocate for it with your party colleagues to get it on the agenda in parliament. I am also asking what you, as the representative of ELECTORATE, will do to ensure that locals, like my uncle and cousins, will be able to get employment in the new jobs that solar will create. I want secure jobs, a healthy environment and affordable energy. This issue will decide how I vote in the next election. I have attached a copy of the Youth Action report and [another report or research about solar power].

Thank you in advance for considering this issue.

Yours sincerely [enter your name] Address Phone Number Email

Example Tweets:

 Just wrote to @localMP from @PoliticalParty to put #SolarEnergy on the #agenda #auspol

We need better support for young people struggling in school. Can you help @ministerforeducation, @LOCALMP, @federalministerfored?! #auspol

Example Facebook posts:

On the MP’s page:

 Just wrote to you about my concerns about access to solar panels for cheaper, cleaner energy for families. I’m a first time voter and I work at a solar installer on the weekends. Heaps of families come in wanting to reduce energy costs but can’t afford the installation cost. ELECTORATE is full of families like this. Where’s your policy for cheap and clean energy? This matters to young people.

On a post about your issue on Facebook:

Everyone should go and speak with their MPs or write them a letter. I let my MP know that families can’t afford basic energy needs in ELECTORATE and want clean cheap alternatives. As a first time voter, this issue will sway my vote.

MY ISSUE is a big concern to young people around Australia. We are the voters not just of the future, but of right now. It's in your best interest to listen to us! TAG MP

As a first time voter I want my MP to support renewable affordable energy. It’s a top issue for young people around Australia and it affects the future of ELECTORATE youth.

Example Instagram Posts:

Though not all MPs will have an account, Instagram is a great place to connect with your peers and community groups.

Photo of you with an MP: I met with @IrmaMP to talk about #climatechange. Looking forward to seeing the policy action she takes!

Photo of you campaigning: Guys, this stuff MATTERS! Get out there and take some action. 

Graphics that support your issue: I’m really worried about #climatechange, so I'm taking action to make local changes that will help stop this from getting any worse.