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Questions answered in this section

  1. Who can I ask for money? 
  2. What are the avenues I can use for fundraising? 

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Crowdfunding through services such as GoFundMeEveryDayHero, and Chuffed is a really effective way of getting money for your cause. It's also an easy thing to set up and share with your community.  

  • Set up a page and be sure to include detail about your cause and your story
  • Set an achievable target, and tell people where the money you raise will go
  • Share it on social media, and ask people to share your page if they can't afford to donate.


From a cake stall to fancy galas, hosting an event is a great way to raise money. By asking for donations to run the event (e.g. getting sausages from a local butcher for a BBQ) and then charging for the goods (e.g., $2 for a delicious sausage sandwich) you can make a profit! Ta da!  

Some event ideas to consider: 

  • Organising a morning tea at school or work and asking for gold coin donations 
  • Doing a charity auction where people bid on items donated by local community members and businesses 
  • Doing something unique or physical and asking for people to donate to your cause. You could try running a marathon, giving up caffeine, or even learning a new skill. 


Finding other people who are passionate about the same things as you is great, finding businesses and organisations with resources that can help you achieve things is even better! Start by writing down all the people and places you know that might care about your issues, and one by one approach them and ask for help. Local businesses are often very open to providing ongoing non-cash donations, especially if you are willing to do a public shout out to let the community know they donated! 

You could also consider partnering with an organisation who already do work in the area you care about. By getting their brand behind you, you'll get greater exposure. You'll also get access to people and info that could help you complete activities.


Local, State, and Federal government all offer grants for charity work and community events. Get in touch with your local council, MP, or stay connected with services to find out about grants available and how to apply for them. When applying for a grant, it's really important you carefully consider all the application questions and respond to them in detail - it's never enough to simply send in your ideas without tailoring them to the specific grant. 

Places you can get more info about grants:

  • Our Community has info on where to find grants and how to apply for them.
  • GrantGuru has both paid and free options. The service allows you to search available grants in Australia according to keywords and location.
  • The Funding Centre is a great place to find available grants, and if you sign up as a member you can also get access to great resources on applying for grants.