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Government: Explained

All About Government.

Disclaimer: not everything about the government can be explained.

Disclaimer: not everything about the government can be explained.


What is Government?

Why does knowing about government matter when I just want to make some change in my community? In order to make change in your community, whether it's a local, state, or national issue, it's a good idea to understand how government works, so you can understand where to direct your energy! 

The Australian Government are the main group of decision makers, and therefore change makers, in this country. The government are in control of providing the money to pay for public services (like hospitals and roads), actually providing these services, changing laws, enforcing laws, and deciding on policy that will change how our whole society is run (find out what a policy is here). 

The government as a whole can be tricky to understand, but we've tried our best to break it down for you. There are three levels of government; local, state, and federal. Within each of these, there are three different groups that have different functions; The Executive Government, The Legislative Government, and The Judicial Government.  

At all levels and in all types of government, YOU have a place, and your opinion matters.

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