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Define your solution

Define your solution

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Questions answered in this section

  1. How do I know what to do next?
  2. What action should I take?
  3. How do I know how to help?

Finding your solution

Now that you’ve defined the problem you are trying to tackle, it’s time to work out what you can actually do about it. Ask your self these questions, and make sure you write your answers down:

  • What is the logical solution (big picture) to your issue? Be as detailed as you can. For example, with global warming, the solution is to reduce global temperatures.
  • Is there a clear way to achieve this? There might be a number of clear ways to do this, so try and write them out one by one. For example, suicide prevention may include providing education, increasing counselling services, reducing stigma around mental health, and making access to help more affordable. 
  • If there is no clear answer to you, do some research. If you can't find any answers, then the first step might be to do some of your own investigations into the issue.
    • Who are some people you can talk to about possible solutions?
  • What is the area you can have the biggest effect on? It's hard (but not impossible!) to make changes on massive international issues. Instead of trying to take on ALL the solutions, work out which one you can make a positive impact on first, and move onto the other ones later.
  • Who else is working in this space? Remember that there might be some people doing great stuff already. Instead of re-inventing the wheel, you could add your energy to a group already tackling the issue.