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Where do i fit in?

Where do I fit in?

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Questions answered in this section

  1. Why would a politician listen to me?

  2. Who will listen to me?

  3. Where does my voice belong in the political process?

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With Government

There is a reason we have elections to select the people that represent us in government.  

Politicians are elected by the people from their electorate to represent the views of those people. This means that your opinion is actually needed in order for the politician to do their job.  Politicians are very sensitive to what every person who votes in their area thinks. If they don’t listen well and act on what they hear, they can lose their jobs (seriously). Even if you're too young to vote now, you won’t always be. Make sure you're enrolled NOW, so that you're automatically on the roll when the next election is called. 

EVEN IF, you are too young to vote does not mean your local member can ignore you. Your voice still matters. 

In the Community

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways culture (and laws) get changed. By talking to your parents, teachers, friends, etc., you can build up support for your cause and make change happen. A community could be a school/uni/TAFE, your local suburb, your family, or even a special interest group (like dance or sport). Your local community is full of organisations that speak to politicians often. They are always looking for voices like yours to tell their stories.

REMEMBER, your voice is important in the community because you are a part of that community.