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Affordable housing - defining your solution

History of Advocacy

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Questions answered in this section

  1. How can I help make housing more affordable?

  2. Who can I talk to about housing affordability?


Renting laws are not keeping up with the demand

As renting becomes more and more long term and expensive, the laws around renting need to shift to favour the consumer (the person renting) so that people do not live at risk of becoming homeless or live in insecure housing.

  • Tell your MP that you want to see renters rights improved across the board

  • Get involved with the make renting fair campaign https://rentingfair.org.au/

  • Contact Fair trading directly and make it known that you do not think the current process for resolving disputes is fair

  • Know your rights as a renter and make sure your friends and family do to. While current laws for renters are not great, they do exist! Try and get everyone in your community to understand their rights. You can start by looking at info on the Tenancy NSW site: https://www.tenants.org.au/

Making a complaint could get you kicked out

As a consumer, you should always have the right to a quality product. If you rented a car and it broke, you'd expect the rental company to fix the problem and give you a solution in the meantime, right? Renters just don't have the same rights. You can help by campaigning for this to change:

  • Tell your story of renting to the Make Renting Fair campaign https://rentingfair.org.au/, so that they can use it to help their mission get across in parliament

  • Talk to your state and federal MP about how unfair this is, ad how policy on renters rights will affect the way you vote at the next election.

Make housing more affordable, and social housing more accessible

Both state and Federal Governments have a part to play in keeping housing affordable:

  • Talk to your federal MP about increasing rent support payments for students and low income earners.

  • Tell your state government that you want more social housing, and you want them to do something about the waiting lists.