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Different ways to advocate

Types of advocacy

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Questions answered in this section:

  1. What are the different ways I can advocate for something?

  2. What does advocacy work actually involve?

Types of Advocacy

There are lots of ways to advocate in your community. Depending on your skill set, time, and your interests, you can take actions in as little or as many of these areas as you like.

Advocacy requires three main things to create change: The support of people, money, and the support of political powers.There are loads of activities that go into each of these areas, such as running events, attending marches, and writing letters to government. 

Most activities loosely fit into these areas (but don’t let your creativity be restricted to these three).



Whether it’s buying a bus ticket to an event, purchasing a big ad in a newspaper, or raising money for beds in a hospital, advocacy costs money. A huge part of advocacy work is raising money to pay for advocacy work, and to pay for the changes you want to see happen.  


Political Action

The laws are made by a group of people in suits in parliament house. Without them on board, making change is very hard.  



Without the general public on board with your message, change is slow. Imagine if recycling programs started without people actually wanting to recycle? Recycling bins would have remained empty.